Meaningfully reduce your operating costs while increasing your workforce productivity.

Manage internal employee workflows and processes

It is important to streamline the process and workflow of your team members so that their daily tasks and activities are efficient and productive, and that the data employees need to succeed can be accessed with ease.

Business processes are crucial to an organization’s operational performance. With the use of appropriate technology, success can be achieved, but the true value relies on planning and optimizing the business processes and practices. The desired, optimized outcome can be achieved by analyzing the areas in which the processes need to be re-evaluated, and by understanding the current performance level of a process in wholesale change, as well as identifying where it should be.

IA Innovations’ business optimization solutions will assist you in gaining competitive advantage through our performance- and data-driven solutions. Our methodology involves organizing all business processes and practices within a vision of constant improvement, technical integration, enhanced productivity, reduced cost, greater efficiency, increased speed and agility, and improved customer satisfaction.

Corporate Performance Management

Monitor and manage your organization’s performance, according to key performance indicators, such as revenue, return on investment, overhead, and operational costs.
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Enterprise Data

Manage the data that is shared by the users of your organization. Precisely define, easily integrate, and effectively retrieve data for both internal applications and external communication.
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Enterprise Resource

Make use of business management software and other tools, to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from your various business activities such as product planning, cost, service delivery, and sales.
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Integration API

Allow your various software applications to effectively communicate with each other, and thus improve the effectiveness and integration of the different systems within your organization.
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Management Consultation

Improve the performance of your business by analyzing the existing challenges within your company, and developing effective plans for its improvement, with our external and objective advice and expertise.
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App Development

Reach your target customers through mobile app development. Rich, visually appealing apps designed and developed for various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.
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Project Management

With project management, we enable you to meet and sustain your goals efficiently, cost-effectively, and ahead of schedule. We advise on and execute your most complex initiatives to achieve the desired results.
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