Corporate Performance

Carefully plan and establish a forward-looking view for your business, to drive productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Integrate your information and focus on profit and performance

IA Innovations deliver quantitative data on performance metrics and provide important detail about the performance of your company, and its effectiveness. We also provide powerful tools to improve the speed, flexibility and accuracy of planning, budgeting and consolidation cycles.

Executive decision making requires a performance management platform that provides historical information, current results, and predictive analytics. Performance managers need to know the firm’s development and its causes, align them with the objectives, and establish the drive for positive outcome.

IA Innovations can help provide solutions that improve your decision making, thereby allowing a quicker response to threats and opportunities across the enterprise, as well as helping your business to reach its full potential.

Budget and Forecasting

Lay out a financial plan for your business, and figure out where you want it to go. Systematically detail your organization’s goals for both for the short and long term.

Financial Consolidations

Combine financial data from several departments and entities within your organization, and effectively compose your monthly reports while guiding the execution of your planning process.

Financial Reporting and Analytics Migrations

Speed up the creation of reports and present your data in an easier-to-read executive dashboard. Automate data movements, database consolidations, and schedule-related processes.

Predictive Analytics

Extract information from your existing data sets and determine the patterns, in order to predict future outcomes and trends. Produce predictive scores for each of your customers or elements.

Data Integration, Management, and Quality

Improve your firm’s productivity and grow your the intelligence of your business with next-generation data integration and data quality tools in a fast, cost-effective way of streamlining data.

Profitability and Analysis

Use proven calculations and formulas to provide a comprehensive measure of your company’s profitability on a historical basis, as well as give meaningful information for analysis.

Management Reporting and Compliance

Synchronize your information and activity across governance, risk management and compliance in order to operate more efficiently.

Training and Education

Come up with relevant, actionable, and flexible solutions to optimize the individual, team, and organizational performance of your firm.