Document Management
and Workflow

Increase the efficiency of your business by reducing the repetitive process through proper document management and workflow.

Monitor your documents and handle more productive tasks

Powerful reporting capabilities allow you to monitor and track a document’s progress and anticipate any performance issues before they occur, enabling your departments to freely handle more productive tasks.

Implementing a document management and workflow for your enterprise allows for the uploading and production of documents within a process. Input documents can be attached to a case and passed along with the case from user to user to use as reference. Utilizing version control, these input documents can also be downloaded, modified and then re-uploaded to a case.

The document management system stores all of the above documents in a repository which can be accessed by users with permissions in order to look at documents past or present. Document management system organizes your documents into folders and subfolders relative to data within a process.

Records Management

Reduce the time it takes to manage and update records manually, while keeping records secure through state-of-the-art encryption.

Dynamic Linking

Update your documents and records once by dynamically linking the existing common applications, and reduce duplicate work and double entries.

Lite Workflow

Allow simple document routing and workflows, based around the document receipt or completion, through the simple workflow tool interface.

Scalable Solution

Prepare to scale with additional overhead for the next major growth in your business, with an agile document management system.

Information Access

Easy information access translates to reduced time spent on searching for, recreating, and moving documents and thereby increasing productivity.

Process Control

Watch and measure your business processes in real time as you discover flaws, bottlenecks, or other aspects that needs to be addressed.