Web and Portal

Create and deliver engaging, useful, usable, and interactive web experiences for your users.

Empower your user experience through portal solutions

Portals serve as the gateway to content, transactions, business processes, and even revenue. Portals should be readily available to your users for a multitude of self-service transactions.

Today, more than ever, information is more accessible to consumers, partners, employees, and others involved. Portal solutions put power into the hands of users by providing a gateway to content, transactions, business processes, and even revenue. Self-service transaction portals help make data and content easily accessible to its users.

Given the breadth of technology available today in enterprise portals, it’s important to understand both the technologies themselves, as well as how they can be leveraged to create a portal that delivers real value to the business. Make sure that you make the right technologies and plot your roadmap to success.

Full Lifecycle

Enable a comprehensive methodology to successfully launch portal and social sites with full lifecycle portal, collaboration, and social projects.

Readiness and Planning

Avoid encountering difficulties when implementing portals by making sure you are ready to start your portal project.


Walk through all aspects of your enterpise portal and define the standards and approach for each aspect of your portal project.

Value and ROI

Foresee many different types of portal implementations and correctly identify real value among the many possibilities.