Solutions for the
Public Sector

Business-driven solutions for the state and local government to help deliver enhanced services to the demanding public.

Achieve cost reduction and increased revenue generation

Our broad spectrum of business-driven solutions for state and local government includes customer relationship management, enterprise portals, commerce, enterprise content management, and business intelligence.

Organizations in the public sector face the challenges of delivering enhanced services to an increasingly demanding public, but using minimal resources to do so. The accountability of the public sectors to taxpayers increases the pressure achieve both cost reduction and increased revenue generation by stepping up efficiency and creativity.

We understand the core processes, goals and challenges facing our clients and provide solutions that achieve a single, real-time view of the constituent, empower staff with automated processes and best practices, and providing consistent communications across delivery channels such as agency offices, contact centers, and constituent self-service. Our experience on both the functional knowledge and the technical expertise can help you meet the unique needs as a public sector.

Customer Relationship Management

Deliver quality and value in your services to establish close partnerships with clients for long-term success.

Enterprise Portals

Create and deliver engaging, useful, usable, and interactive web experiences for your users.

Master Data Management

Use advanced tools in the comprehensive management of your organization’s business information assets to come up with informed decision making.

Enterprise Content Management

Manage content across your organization and deliver digital information anytime, anywhere, on any medium.

Business Intelligence

Build and deliver robust platforms comprised of cutting-edge data exploration, visualization, and analytics capabilities.


Rapidly connect your internal systems, allowing you to provide critical functionality and data to your customers.

Mobile Technology

Use mobile technology to transform the way your organization enable workforce, satisfy clients, and extend offers, and improve your service and communication.

Experience and Design

transform the way you do your business by improving your website usability design, digital strategy, and mobile web design.