Solutions for
Development and Operations

Bring together the various aspects of IT to deliver solutions for your business.

Address DevOps strategy and challenges

IT is a critical hub of business operations. A high-performing IT organization is twice as likely to exceed profitability, market share and productivity goals. Address the technical and non-technical challenges of DevOps.

We address DevOps from a strategy and change management perspective. We seek to assess and mitigate risks that can sabotage attempts by IT to institute change by re-evaluating communications and delivery processes to ensure better quality, and support increased automation of critical IT tasks that limit productivity of key IT resources.

An important aspect of our DevOps offering is the assessment of velocity limit. This assessment evaluates variables that impact an organization’s ability to adopt to change and deal with disruptive technology. There is a need to identify organizational risks so they can be more easily mitigated, thus facilitating more successful absorption rates for changes brought about by initiatives in IT transformation and modernization.

Integration and Testing

Build agility by building continuous continuous integration and testing program development that will work for your system.

Delivery and Improvement

Increase the quality of production by constantly increasing the level of automation in the deliver process and working with your DevOps team.

Automation Tools

Automate continuous delivery and DevOps processes with complete traceability to improve productivity in any project scale.

Value Stream Mapping

Implement a lean-management method for mapping the journey your products and services takes, from its beginning through to the customer.

Agile at Scale

Implement software development methods that enable solutions to evolve through colalboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.

Code Reviews

Systematically examine computer source code intended to find and fix mistakes overlooked in the initial process of the software development.