Partnering with the
World’s Leading Innovators

We are partners with global leaders in tech to leverage our core competencies.

Helping us deliver business-driven technology solutions

IA Innovations is an award-winning IBM Advanced Business Partner, as well as being partners with PARIS Technologies and Cornerstone Solutions. Together, we bring forth world-class solutions.

We have built an integrated partner network designed to leverage our core competencies, extend and enhance our service offerings, and decrease cost and time-to-market for our clients.

Teaming up with each of our partners, we deliver high-quality results. By nurturing our relationships with a variety of enterprise information technology application providers, and by focusing on a user-centered, technology-based and business-driven solutions methodology, we can best serve our clients’ unique application development needs and opportunities.

IBM Showcase

IBM solutions integrate hardware, software, services and financing.
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Silverpop Marketing

Delivering powerful solutions for the changing market.
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Marketing Platform

Leverage customer behaviors to automate personalized experiences.
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Marketing Automation

Get more from your marketing budget with marketing automation.
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Email Marketing

Leverage behaviors to know who you target and when to send email.
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Web and Sentiment Analytics

Understand your market and gain powerful insights from digital analytics.
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Digital Analytics

Boost business with monitoring and benchmarking important and relevant data.
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Real Estate Management System

Intelligent decision making and strategic planning for real estate.
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Collaborative Project Management System

User-friendly, collaborative and all-in-one interface for management of projects.
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Customer Relationship Management

Manage your company’s interaction with your current and future customers.
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Human Resource Management System

Maximize employee performance and streamline your recruitment process.
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